B43Islatravir safety analysis through week 96 from a phase 2 trial in treatment naïve adults with HIV-1 infectionOn-demand oral abstract sessionNew strategies (2DR, rapid start)
B45New generation of HYBRID CAR-T cells efficiently kill HIV infected cells and neutralize cell-free virusOn-demand oral abstract sessionImmune-based therapy trials
B9Is systematic Xpert MTB/RIF improved the detection of tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients in a low tuberculosis incidence setting in West Africa?On-demand oral abstract sessionDiagnosis of co-infections and co-morbidities
B9The point of care device needed for confirming active hepatitis C infection in the prison populationOn-demand oral abstract sessionDiagnosis of co-infections and co-morbidities
B8Plasma separation cards are suitable for HIV-1 genotypic drug resistance testingOn-demand oral abstract sessionDrug resistance testing
B6Evaluation of new high-throughput platforms for the quantification of HIV-1 RNA in plasma to support scale-up of viral load testing in low- and middle-income countriesOn-demand oral abstract sessionViral load and CD4 measurement
B35APOBEC editing in HIV DNA proviral vif and pol long-reads issued from virologically-suppressed patients included in the ANRS LAMIDOL trialOn-demand oral abstract sessionRegimen simplification and switch studies
B27HIV immune reconstitution inflammatory response syndrome and the risk of adverse pregnancy-fetal outcomes among ART naïve women aged 20-49 years in selected public hospitals, Nairobi, KenyaOn-demand oral abstract sessionImmune reconstitution disorders and immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome
B19Factors associated with severity of Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screen (EPDS) and optimal cut-off of EPDS for diagnosis of depression and anxiety among postpartum HIV- positive women in Lusaka, ZambiaOn-demand oral abstract sessionDepression and other psychiatric manifestations
B24Longitudinal study on insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome in children with perinatal HIV infection and HIV exposed uninfected children in South AfricaOn-demand oral abstract sessionMetabolic, lipid and endocrine complications (including obesity, hyperlipidaemia and lipodystrophy)
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