A1Unique molecular properties of reverse transcriptase conferring replication advantage on HIV-1CE-posterViral origins, evolution and diversity
A1Genetic diversity of HIV-1 in a cross sectional study conducted in Teso, Western KenyaE-posterViral origins, evolution and diversity
A1Longitudinal alterations in O-linked glycosylation during chronic HIV-1 infection and its impact on V1/V2 & V3 targeting broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodiesE-posterViral origins, evolution and diversity
A2The frequency of HLA-l alleles could influence the level of post-transmission readaptation of HIV-1E-posterViral fitness, persistence and resistance
A2Premutations could facilitate CTL escape in gag epitopes during early HIV-1 infectionE-posterViral fitness, persistence and resistance
A2Low-level HIV-1 viral load predicts virologic failure in antiretroviral experienced individuals in BotswanaE-posterViral fitness, persistence and resistance
A2High resistance mutation to cART in HIV-1 exposed infected children and recent emergence of CRF02_AG variant in Bouar, a rural environment of Central African RepublicE-posterViral fitness, persistence and resistance
A3Implications of an interaction between HIV-1 Gag and the RNA interference pathway member Dicer'''''''''E-posterHIV biology (entry, recplicative cycle, tanscitional expression and regulation)
A3HIV-1 infection elicits virus-MLOs for intranuclear viral stepsE-posterHIV biology (entry, recplicative cycle, tanscitional expression and regulation)
A5Extracellular vehicles carrying HIV-1 Nef induce trained immunity in myeloid cellsE-posterInnate immunity
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