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In the past five years, considerable progress has been made towards reaching the 90-90-90 targets for men in sub-Saharan Africa by 2020. Data from eastern and southern Africa highlights this progress – from 74-64-86 in 2015 to 84-77-90 in 2019. However, significant gaps exist to reaching the targets and to close disparities with women where from 2015 to 2019 progress improved from 83-71-87 to 91-86-91. In order to reach the men left behind, challenges must be addressed and successful programmes taken to scale. In this satellite, key stakeholders from ministries of health, civil society, communities, funders, implementers and researchers will come together to both show progress towards improving HIV services for men over the past five years as well as highlighting the gaps that remain and how they could be addressed. The session is framed around men in their different roles and with intersecting identities, highlighting recent implementation data on engaging men in HIV services and amplifying their voices.

10 min
Men and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa – progress and possibilities
Wole AMEYAN, World Health Organization, Switzerland
2 min
My journey to viral suppression - overcoming siloed care and fear of stigma
Mcdaphton BELLOWS, Partners in Hope (PIH), Malawi
10 min
Ensuring men are not missed from health systems: Community- and facility-based HIV programming in Malawi
Kelvin BALAKASI, Malawi
2 min
My journey to Yathu Yathu - Nkani ya ma guys
Augustine CHANDA, Zambart, Zambia
10 min
What can we learn from a male-centred tuberculosis response? Results from the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Andrew MEDINA-MARINO, South Africa
2 min
My journey to becoming a coach - a little empathy goes a long way
Sfiso Joseph MAGAGULA, Community Media Trust, South Africa
7 min
Changing the narrative around men and HIV in South Africa – MINA, Coach Mpilo, B-OK bottles
Rodney KNOTTS, USAID, South Africa
5 min
B-OK - You can be HIV safe - Animation explainer, Coach Mpilo
10 min
The path to person-centred care for men in sub-Saharan Africa
Nelson OTWOMA, National Empowerment Network of PLHAs in Kenya (NEPHAK), Kenya
2 min
Closing video: Excerpt from "Yathu Yathu anthem"