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As a multinational organization providing health programs and services to our global workforce, we understand the value of health for our operations as well as community prosperity. Maintaining essential services and programs for HIV/AIDS and other conditions has been a challenge but a continued critical focus for many organizations. This session will provide insight into: How a private sector response has managed to address health program and service delivery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic across global operations; how community partners have managed to find innovative solutions for continued delivery and support of prevention and treatment services. You will hear from a local and international private sector organization (Chevron Nigeria) as well as select community non-profit partners (CEO of PRC, a social services organization based in San Francisco, CA; and the CEO of the Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, a U.S. advocacy organization in support of the Global Fund). Discussion topics will include: co-infection risks, vulnerable populations, access challenges, integrated service models, managing multiple pandemics, resource management, stigma and mental health issues, resiliency.

5 min
Huma ABBASI, Chevron Corporation, United States
10 min
PRC: Critical services delivery, client and front line staff engagement and partner collaboration
Brett ANDREWS, PRC, United States
10 min
Friends of the Global Fight: Friends of the Global Fight: Challenges and policy impacts on health equity and security
Chris COLLINS, Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, TB and Malaria, United States
10 min
Chevron Nigeria: Health service delivery model and continuity
Femi PITAN, Chevron, Nigeria
5 min
Session closing
Huma ABBASI, Chevron Corporation, United States