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The HIV epidemic, now in its fourth decade, has affected 75.7 million people, led to 32.7 million deaths, disproportionally affecting vulnerable populations and costing an estimated US $41.2 billion. Tremendous progress has been made in developing effective treatments and prevention options but the challenge of developing a safe and effective HIV vaccine persists, raising important questions about where an HIV vaccine should feature in our global efforts to end the epidemic. Co-sponsored by the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise at IAS and UNAIDS, this satellite will start by reaffirming the case for an HIV vaccine against a background of effective but not yet broadly accessible or acceptable prevention. Through a panel discussion and audience participation, we will look to a future in which we have discovered an HIV vaccine – and ask critical questions such as who we should immunize, what would the regimen look like, what would be the costs and the benefits and who should pay for it.

7 min
Welcome and Introduction
Lucy STACKPOOL-MOORE, International AIDS Society, Switzerland
Susan BUCHBINDER, United States
10 min
Why an HIV vaccine?
Kevin DE COCK, UNAIDS, Switzerland
17 min
The Year is 2025: What would a vaccine look like?
Gabriela GOMEZ, Sanofi, United Kingdom
49 min
Panel discussion
Kundai CHINYENZE, IAVI, United Kingdom
Rachel BAGGALEY, Switzerland
Daisy OUYA, AVAC, Kenya
Jerome SINGH, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Paul STOFFELS, Johnson & Johnson, United States
Yazdan YAZDANPANAH, ANRS - Maladies infectieuses émergentes, France
Lucy STACKPOOL-MOORE, International AIDS Society, Switzerland
Kevin DE COCK, UNAIDS, Switzerland
Gabriela GOMEZ, Sanofi, United Kingdom
7 min
Eamonn MURPHY, UNAIDS, Switzerland