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We are facing a decisive decade in which humankind will have to face numerous global challenges together. Health is the basis for enabling people to achieve their potential. Because without health, all other problems fade into the background. A healthy planet is of crucial importance for safeguarding our health in the long term. As a result of the destructive way we treat our environment, we face an unprecedented global threat to human health from climate change, loss of biodiversity and destruction of ecosystems. Global health includes not only our health, but also the health of the planet and the animals which we share it with. "Scientific research shows, that showing people research does not work“: The COVID pandemic has shown the key role of good evidence-based communication. This panel is about talking to international capacities in science about how breakthrough findings also become public knowledge that is effective for policy decisions. What approaches work best?

60 min
Panel discussion
Kim GRÜTZMACHER, Wildlife Conservation Society, United States
Renzo GUINTO, PH Lab, Philippines
Hendrik STREECK, Institute of Virology and HIV Research, Germany
Nicole DE PAULA, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IASS), Germany